ministries opportunities


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... - Matthew 28: 19


Literature Evangelism

Literature evangelism not only helps you pay for your education at REACH Columbia Union, it more importantly teaches you about responsibility, economy, self-discipline, and enhances your spiritual growth. It also provides a foundation from which other personal evangelism methods can be taught. 

Compassion Projects

Each year students are given the opportunity and funds to develop a team project that will help to benefit the community. You will be encouraged to develop a creative plan and then execute it. REACH Phenomenal Girls was developed last year to encourage young girls to nourish their own self-worth by making healthy choices toward success. REACH Hire was also organized in order to offer job opportunities in a central location to those in the Philadelphia area.

Tutoring Children

Over the last few years, it has been found that children in the Philadelphia community need further help in their education. Because of that, REACH Philadelphia has developed a successful program for kids, grades K-8, in reading and mathematics called REACH Success! You will receive training and then be able to participate in the success of these children for a few hours each week. Not only will they receive one-on-one help from you, they will learn more about Christ by developing a relationship with you.

Public Evangelism

Throughout the program you learn and receive support from different professors about public speaking and giving an evangelistic series. Not only will you learn about it, but you will be given the opportunity to provide an evangelistic series at a church that is looking to bring more souls into their church. 

Bible Work

Each summer, Youth Challenge goes out into the community surrounding REACH Philadelphia and obtains information from those interested in receiving Bible studies. You will be given the opportunity to learn about giving Bible studies and gaining confidence, you will be able to put your knowledge and skills into practice by visiting those in the community that are requesting to know more about Jesus!

Grocery Giveaway

Every Saturday morning, REACH Philadelphia offers groceries to the community in partnership with DITO, Inc., a charitable community development organization in the Philadelphia area. Produce and other food items are donated and then distributed to hundreds of people in the community. You will have the opportunity to develop relationships with those that come weekly and see that the physical needs of others are met in a tangible way.


The city of Philadelphia encourages the development of urban gardens throughout the city. There are several plots of land that have been made available to REACH Philadelphia and REACH Columbia Union, where we can not only beautify the community, but offer healthy and self sustaining ways to make food for themselves.